iFVPA CL and EL | Information for the first season in FIFA 19
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The International iFVPA competitions are back for FIFA 19, although slightly later than usual. The first matches will be played this calendar year. Based on the performance of previous seasons, the International section of the ProLeague has been awarded five iFVPA slots (2 CL + 3 EL). For the full ranking please see: We are delighted to present the teams.


Participants iFVPA Champions League (2 slots)




Participants iFVPA Europa League (3 slots)

En Masse


Venom FC


Every participating team will have to create a team in the VPN ( Every player will have to create an account and join his team. The manager will also have to post the full roster in the appropriate forum thread. The deadline for signing up in the VPN and posting the roster is 09-01-2019. It is extremely important that all players submit their Origin ID accurately, a small discrepancy (capital letters) could lead to disqualification!





If you have any questions related to the iFVPA competitions, please contact JonnyEsbeck (RAGE-KingEsbeck).


Match schedule:

10.01.2019 Matchday 1+2 
17.01.2019 Matchday 3+4
24.01.2019 Matchday 5+6 
31.01.2019 Break - Transfer Window 
07.02.2019 Pause CL / Round of 32 EL 
14.02.2019 Round of 16
21.02.2019 Quarter-Finals 

28.02.2019 Semi-Finals

07.03.2019 Final



Time Zones - Schedule



We wish all participating teams good luck and a successful international journey!


The ProLeague admin team

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