TOTW: S22 | League INT2 | Matchdays 13-16
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined 




GK: Emilian_GK

The Romanian goalkeeper is one more time in the TOTW, in 3 games he secures 2 clean sheets, it’s now a classic performance from Emilian!



CB: Christophoulus

The Fluidity defensive leader and bald man have secured 2 clean sheets in 2 games, not surprising about him he is maybe the best centre-back in the INT league! 


CB: Predzeh

The French coordinator of Allianz EA Sports has claimed 2 MVP and scored one goal in 4games! He can't secure 2 clean sheets but he can be happy about his performance with that statistic.


LB: JHairyyy

The Scottish fullback has for sure made his national teams manager and teammate Zig with 2 clean sheets in 2games! 


RB: Pain

The Romanian defender, who can play fullback or defensive midfielders have helped his teammate Emilian to secure 2 clean sheets, we can deduce it was a good decision from their coach to put in fullback for this week.


CDM: Killasao

Another Romanian and queen player in the TOTW this week! Same as his teammate he secured 2 clean sheets against ONEDAY and Allianz EA Sports!


CM: Andreas8911

The german fullback has changed after his leave of ThunderAUK his position. At the same time, he changes the team! For the moment the change looks good for him because he delivers one assist 3 games and helps Queen to promote!



The experimented german CAM has scored one goal and one assist, pretty classic performance from him who is a lot decisive with Fluidity this year. If Fluidity wants the title in PL INT 2 and SPL they will have to count on a San inform!



ST: Claimant

The Turkish forward is back this season after having followed the ONEDAY break, he scored 4 goals in 4 games and delivered one assist! Great performance from an older player who is just back for a few months! He helped ONEDAY to come back to the first half of the table with these performances.


ST: Skadoosh

Another week, and another masterclass from Skadoosh! After not having an amazing start the England striker has one more time to score a lot of goals with 4 in 3games! He takes the time to deliver one assist too! What a player:!


ST: Gankicus

The England striker has like his partner shows his capacity to score in every game scoring 4goals and delivers 2 assists he got better statistics than his teammate Skadoosh! It was a successful week for Fluidity with their third forward player in the TOTW!


Honourable mentions: The Bench



Astvill (Fluidity)



biggie_cheese (ONE DAY)

TobyWorsman (Fluidity)



TinerHenri (Fluidity)

Zig (Fluidity)

Kivilife (Khalkedon BS)

GFC-Elswry (ONE DAY)

Ergin-1DAY (ONE DAY)



RedhaDelRey (ThunderAUK)

Tobiias-7 (Queen)



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