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Welcome everyone to the ProLeague INT. 2 post-season check-in. In this article, we will wrap up yet another spectacular season in the second international division. We also hereby want to congratulate Fluidity for winning the league. Let's have a look at them and the other 11 teams in the league as the competition have come to an end.




Predicted final standings: 1st 

Final standings: 1st 


Fluidity has come up huge and had a spectacular season, the Englishmen found themselves leading the charts in INT. 2 for the entire second half of the season, on top of reaching the SPL-finals. Fluidity can look back happily on their first season as a team. After trailing in the title race by a 3 point deficit to Queen halfway into the season, Fluidity pushed through and won 9 out of their 11 games in the second half of the season, scoring an impressive 27 goals in the process. Big parts in the success were Gankicus and -Skadoosh- both with 15 and 16 scorer points respectively. And an unsung hero in terms of stats: BaldySins. The experienced CB reorganised most of the team's defensive shape causing Fluidity to have conceded the 2nd least goals in the league in spite of their offensive play. It does seem most of the active players have currently moved on to other clubs. This may be the last season we have seen Fluidity shine.


Predicted final standings: 7th 

Final standings: 2nd 


The Romanians did far better than I predicted them to, with a 3 point lead over Fluidity halfway through the season, and an unbeaten status. Queen dropped off significantly in the second half of the season. The Romanians were flawless in the first half, but after losing some players the team also lost some points. A back to back blow losing to ThunderAUK (0-1) and Fluidity (0-4) seemed to have killed their momentum going forward. Despite this, second place for the new team is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Individually the defensive side of things has been very impressive. Queen have only conceded 13 goals all season. Making them the strongest in terms of goals conceded. Mostly with the help of Q12-FURIOSSS and Q8-PainMeister on 8 clean sheets and Q10-Kllasao finishing on 7 clean sheets.

 Khalkedon BS

Predicted final standings: 6th

Final standings: 3rd 


Despite my prediction, the Turkish guys over at Khalkedon BS have come off a solid season. The season 20 Turkiye Pro Ligi runner-ups are mostly thankful for raxy1337-KHA scoring 17 goals and assisting 3 over the course of the season together with SoapBiceps7-KHA coming up with the shared top assists in the league. Rewarding them with the top scorer and assist badges. Khalkedon BS has been a surprise this season with their narrow counter-attacking style. They have conceded the same amount of goals as the champions Fluidity.
The first half of the season went fairly decent, but in the second half, Khalkedon showed how good they really are. Having won 9 out of 11 games and only collecting 1 point less than the champions, on top of making it to the quarter-final of the prestigious HOF challenge this season.


Predicted final standings: 2nd

Final standings: 4th 


ETHEREAL started off as one of the stronger teams in the competition, they came off an impressive display in the champions league playoffs, knocking out teams like ThunderAuk and Las Estrellas. Unfortunately, things went downhill quickly, average results combined with many changes in terms of transfers caused an almost completely new roster thanks to some help from the admins. The many new transfers helped stabilize the first XI and almost pushed them through for a promotion spot after a change of playstyle. The mostly Egyptian side came short near the end losing out on 3 expensive points when Fluidity bested them (3-1) in the second-last match of the season.

Individually eT-DollaN had a spectacular season. The former Legacy winger was granted a top scorer and top assister badge for his solid efforts upfront. He finished on 13 goals and 7 assists in just 19 games.


 Reckless (ThunderAuk)

Predicted final standings: 3rd

Final standings: 5th


In the final matchday of the season, ThunderAuk lost out to a top 3 spot in a disappointing collapse against Khalkedon BS which ended with a 0-1 loss. The Frenchies had gone through a turbulent first half of the season with many players leaving and joining, despite the solid effort from AUK-Alex in stabilizing the team for the second half of the season, his efforts came unrewarded as they ended in a disappointing 5th place. The Frenchies were well on track as they were actually one of the better performers in the second half of the season. Unfortunately, the team only left the competition with some individual medals. AUK-Alex, AUK-Akamo and Nikopolidis71x were granted top defenders and top goalkeeper badges for their impressive defensive work this season. The French core at the back held 9 clean sheets each.

 Ninja Turtles

Predicted final standings: 4th

Final standings: 6th 


Strange season for Ninja Turtles, just like most teams have gone through a lot of transfers and players throughout the season. The team has shown to be incredibly inconsistent. Being able to beat the better teams in the league, but also dropping points against lower-ranked teams. Combined with some very costly PLACT mistakes, the turtles will not be satisfied with their first season. They actually managed to beat Queen and Khalkedon, but PLACT violations caused the results to be ruled back. The diverse team is capable of a lot more than they have shown this season and will definitely be an opponent to watch out for in the next season. 

Individually it's been a nice season for Ninja-Backana and Ninja-world91. Both have kept an impressive 8 clean sheets along with Ninja-SoNNy_A4TG contributing 11 goals in 14 games. If Ninja-McLolski manages to stabilize his side and keep the good players around, they are well prepared for a shot at the title next season.


Predicted final standings: 9th

Final standings: 7th 


The former INT. 1 champion struggled in the second division after their long hiatus. The Turkish guys snatched some points off Queen (2-2) and (0-0) and they managed to beat Ninja Turtles in an exciting game (2-3) but most of their other games went the other way. With the help of some disbanded teams’ default losses, a 7th place spot doesn’t seem all that bad. But all things considered, it’s been a disappointing season looking at the success the team once had. The striker Claimant10 has had a good season despite its teams’ struggles for results. Having scored 11 and assisted 4 in 18 games.

 Allianz EA Sport

Predicted final standings: 8th

Final standings: 7th (12 games played)


Despite short numbers in terms of players, and also losing some throughout the season. Allianz kept their hopes up and finished the season. The Frenchies had hoped for similar success to their season 20 campaign when they earned promotion. Their 1 season hiatus from ProLeague didn't seem to have helped their cause. They came back with less quality and quantity ahead of this season and thus ended in 8th place, right above the disbanded teams.

 Tsunami Poland

Predicted final standings: 10th

Final standings: 9th


After having played many consecutive seasons in Proleague, the Polish guys finally succumbed to the faith of many international teams. They disbanded shortly after the second half of the season got underway.

 Offside Crew

Predicted final standings: 11th 

Final standings: 10th 


Poor results in every league and competition they participated in. The Offside Crew also didn’t finish the season and ended up in 10th place.

 Lazarski Rejon

As foretold in the pre-season article, the turbulent Polish club disbanded once again.

 Paramount FC

Despite showing longevity and progress in the seasons prior, Paramount decided to pull the plug as well.



Finale League Table


PL. Team
1. Fluidity
2. Queen
3. Khalkedon BS
5. Reckless (ThunderAuk)
6. Ninja Turtles
8. Allianz EA Sport
9. Tsunami Poland
10. Offside Crew
11. Lazarski Rejon
12. Paramount FC



And thus season 22 has officially come to an end. I would like to thank all teams and players for their effort and I hope to see you again, best of luck in the pre-season!

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