TOTW: S23 | SPL Matchdays 1-2
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Hello everyone and welcome to the first SPL TOTW this season! I hope you will enjoy reading this article.


How is the TOTW determined 





GK : BaboBeutlin32

The German goalkeeper from Schwalbenkings has made 2 clean sheets in 2 games, an impressive performance from him and a strong start. Let's see if he will keep this form.



CB : MaddyMD

Another German and also a player from Schwalbenkings join the TOTW for the two first matchdays! MaddyMD has helped his team to secure 2 clean sheets this week.


CB : Pander

The coordinator from the German team is in the TOTW this week too after managing to get 2 clean sheets against ObstruXion and 1iq Gang, strong performances,  especially in SPL!


RB : Andeeeey

The now ex-player for Schwalbenkings is in the first SPL TOTW this season, sad for the german team Andeey now have left them… Let’s hope they continue to get clean sheets!


LB : Fink2017

The experienced fullback Fink is like his partner from Schwalbenkings in defense in the first SPL TOTW. Congrats to him for the performance and let’s see if he can keep this form!


CDM : AL3X09

The midfielders in the last player from Schwalbenkings in this TOTW! He helped his partner to secure 2 clean sheets, not only that, he even found the time to score one goal! What a performance from the German player!


CAM : Shyox1994 

The really experienced german CAM has agreed to join VOLT during the transfer window. He looks to already fit in the team, delivering 3 assists and 1 goal in only 2 games! Well played Shyox!


RM : Inception67

Inception started the season as a CB, but it looks like he switched positions to RM. During the start of SPL this season he has provided his team with 2 assists in 2 games, a huge offensive impact for a RM! Ron should be proud of his choice to switch his positions in the starting XI.



LS : Kombano9

After a weird transfer window where he joins Reckless then leaves them to finally join VOLT, that looks like his performance is not impacted. Scoring 4 goals in only 2 games of SPL in the group of the death, Cav can be proud about his start. I will not be surprised if he continues this level of performance.


RS : xTH3Luca

5 goals, 1 assist in two-games, what more can I say? He just made a masterclass and destroyed their opponent. Known as a clinical finisher Luca will probably repeat the same type of performance in the future!


RS : AzZ

It’s never a surprise to see AzZ in the TOTW. The question is now more about how many goals he will score? With 2 goals 3 assists in two games, we can say his job is done for this first week! 


Honorable mentions: The Bench



MattyRazer (Arancia Mecchanica)



Thijmo (REVIVAL)

Kustii (Khalkedon BS)



Pascal_Pari (Equality 05)

Paketo (Stade Poitevin by Orks GP)

AlexisTB (Reckless)

KeukenRol (Revival)

Barros11 (FTW eSport)



ANCORACANNAVARO (Arancia Mecchanica)

Kahli (Stade Poitevin by Orks GP)

Knarfii (Back 2 Roots)



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