TOTW: S25 | League INT 1 | Matchdays 9-12
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined






GK - Myst3rious

The Young Shot-Stopper from Juventus Bucuresti is really making a name for himself over the past weeks. Storming into this TOTW with

2 Clean Sheets from 3 Matches Played. And both of those clean sheets coming from the 1-0 win vs Rampage and the 2-0 Victory over

Cerebrum FC


RB - George292

Also coming in from Juventus Bucuresti is George292, With a Staggering 3 Defensive Clean Sheets, 2 Assists and a Single Goal from 4

Matches Played. Is George making a statement to the rest of the league with these performances? Well lets hope it is!

CB - Rares

Another entry from Juventus Bucuresti is Rares. Also with incredible stats from the 4 Matches Played picking up 3 Defensive Clean

Sheets and a Single Goal. Picking up that Single Goal in the 6-1 Devastating Victory over Lions United.

CB - alexandru & Tudor_Ilinca

Another entry into this TOTW is the Pairing of alexandru & Tudor_Ilinca. Sharing the same stats in their 4 Matches with 3 Defensive

Clean Sheets. Some of which came from the 1-0 Victory over Rampage and the 1-0 Win over Ingravidos.

LB - Ronan

With the Final spot in the Defence is Ronan from Juventus Bucuresti. With 3 Matches Played picking up 2 Goals, 1 Assist, 2 Defensive

Clean Sheets and 1 MVP. Grabbing the winning goal in the 1-0 Win vs Rampage.


CM - MPrime12

Coming from Rebrand Project is MPrime12 with a Goal and Assist in 4 Matches and 1 Match MVP. He’s making a name for himself in

the midfield, Picking up 1 Assist in the 2-2 Draw vs Ragnarok and a Token Goal and Team MVP in the 4-1 Loss to VIBORAS.

CAM - Lillsey

The Playmaking Sensation that is Lillsey from Ragnarok FC grabs himself 1 Goal and 4 Assists with a Single Match MVP from 4

Matches Played. With 2 Assists and a Goal in the 7-0 Drumming of Rampage and a Goal and Assist in the 4-2 Win over Ingravidos

CAM - Darius-XII

And the Maestro from BeeUnique Darius also has similar great form with a Goal and 3 Assists and 1 Match MVP. Performances like the

2-0 Victory over Rampage where he grabbed an Assist and the 4-1 Win vs Lions United picking 1 Goal and 1 Assist are some of the

reasons why Darius deserves to be mentioned in this TOTW.


RS - AirChewy

From Critical is the french Striker AirChewy slamming it home with 5 Goals, 2 Assists and 1 Match MVP in 4 Matches. Grabbing a Brace

in the 2-1 Victory vs Rebrand Project and another Brace and Assist in the 7-0 Destruction of Ingravidos.

ST - NeGo

The BeeUnique Finisher NeGo has a lot of quality and such again during these matchdays with 5 Goals, 1 Assist and 2 Match MVP’s.

Matches such as 3-1 Win vs Rebrand Project picking up a Brace and the Match MVP as well as the Brace in the 4-1 Win over Lions

United and 4-1 Victory over Ingravidos show why NeGo has earned his spot in this TOTW.

RS - -Skadoosh-

Otherwise known as Skadooku or to some as Ryan! The English Showstopper, the Showboating talent of England has done well picking

up 5 Goals and 2 Match MVP’s from 4 Matches Played. With a Hat-Trick vs Rampage in their 7-0 Ruining. And a Brace in the 2-2 Draw

vs Rebrand Project pictures Skadooku’s quality.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench


GK - Sjef184 - Ragnarok FC

CB - Toby - Ragnarok FC
RB - xLewy9x - VIBORAS

CDM - SpiersJ - Rebrand Project
CM - Sankeiishin - Critical
CM - SebastianAA - Ragnarok FC

LS - Gankicus - Ragnarok FC
LF - Mohammed - PYRAMIDS
LS - prunu.king - FC National


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