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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined



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GK - GKLow-1

The shot stopper LwG-Low from LWG Critical has been incredible for his team since his transfer from Itarim Academy. With 14 Games played in the League he picks up 11 Clean sheets giving himself a Clean Sheet Ratio of 0.785, Some of the most notable performances come from the matches where LWG Critical beat VIBORAS 1-0, Then the 2-0 Win over Portuguese Rangers e-Sports Club & a very important 1-0 Victory over Black Wyrm.



CB - iD4rk

With the Trio of defenders from ALL4TheGame we start with ALL4TheD4rk truly a remarkable signing from ever since joining from Reckless. And throughout this season he has proven as such with 22 Games played he picks up 1 Goal, 1 Assist and 16 Defensive Clean Sheets with 1 Match MVP. Giving himself a Defensive Clean Sheet ratio of 0.727 with important performances coming in the 1-0 Win vs Portuguese Rangers e-Sports Club, a 0-0 Draw vs VIBORAS as he gets another Defensive Clean Sheet and the Match MVP also the 0-0 Draw vs LWG Critical to secure the title.


CB - NoSkillZ

With another one of the Trio from ALL4TheGame is ALL4TheSkillZ transferred from VfB Angry Bears and after playing 21 Games he picks up 1 Goal and 15 Defensive Clean Sheets giving him a Ratio of 0.714. Some important performances came in games such as the 2-1 Victory over Symphony as he scored his first goal in the 90th Minute to give his team the win and as we look back at it now could this have been one of the matches that drove ALL4TheGame to their title. With another important performance coming in the 1-0 Victory over LWG Critical on Matchday 12.


CB - Woife31x

And the third in the Trio from ALL4TheGame is ALL4TheLevlUp, the young German Centreback has been incredible ever since his transfer from NO3XiT. As we highlight some of the matches where he performed out of his skin to produce results as he returned this season with 18 Matches played and 13 Defensive Clean Sheets giving himself a Ratio of 0.722. Pulling out big Defensive Clean Sheets in both 0-0 Draws vs VIBORAS & Juventus Bucuresti, with another huge performance also from the Matchday 12 1-0 Win over LWG Critical as he grabbed a 7.7 Rating.



CAM - Amra

From LWG Critical is Amra with playmaking prowess making him Top the Assists chart with 18 Assists with 5 Goals and 2 Match MVP’s from 24 Matches played as he grabs a near perfect 0.958 Goal Participation to Goal  . And ever since his transfer from Impulsion he has been nothing but an asset to LWG Critical, with performances like the 6-0 Hammer vs Symphony where he picks up 1 Goal and a Hat-Trick of Assists. With other results such as a 2-0 Victory vs Juventus Bucuresti picking up both Goals as well as the Match MVP.



And with 22 Matches played 17 played as Central attacking midfielder from ALL4TheGame Tazmanio otherwise known as ALL4TheTAZMANIO grabs 4 Goals, 14 Assists and 1 Match MVP making his goal participation from 22 Games a cool 0.818, and since joining from VIBORAS he has been nothing but spectacular helping his team bring home results such as the important 1-0 Victory vs Portuguese Rangers e-Sports Club as he grabs the games only assist. And grabbing another 2 Assists in the chill 3-0 Victory vs Symphony.


CAM - Sruxz

Coming in from JustWatch FC is JW-Sruxz after his transfer from 836 ANKA he’s been a star for his team. Playing 23 Games with 21 being at CAM he grabs 13 Assists and 1 Defensive Clean Sheet his Goal Participation Ratio is 0.565, And some standout performances are from games such as the 2-0 Victory over Juventus Bucuresti as he grabbed Both Assists, With another big result coming in the 1-0 Win vs Black Wyrm picking up the games only Assist.


CDM - SpiersJ

With 21 Games played, from Rebrand Project is the ever loyal SpiersJ. He picks up 1 Assist, 7 Defensive Clean Sheets and the most Match MVP’s in the League as he grabs 16. His highlight performances come in the form of a 0-0 Draw vs Juventus Bucuresti grabbing a Defensive Clean Sheet and the match MVP, as well as the 3-0 Victory over PCS Jackal picking up another Defensive Clean Sheet, Match MVP and a Single Assist.



RS - AirChewy

The Goal Scoring table topper AirChewy from LWG Critical has been in some form this season scoring an incredible 21 Goals with 10 Assists in 24 Matches Played with 11 Match MVP;s giving him a ridiculous Goal Participation of 1.29. With outstanding performances such as the 4-0 Win vs PCS Jackal as he picks up 2 Goals and the Match MVP, The 2-0 Win vs JustWatch FC as he grabs a Single Goal and Assist with the Match MVP. and with a Hat-Trick and Match MVP in a 3-0 Win vs Symphony.


RS - KeukenRol

And before he became a free agent, KeukenRol played for VIBORAS where he spent 17 Games producing 10 Goals and 6 Assists giving him a Goal Participation of .941 with 6 Match MVP’s. Coming in huge in games such as a 7-1 Hammering vs FC National as he grabbed a Hat-Trick with 2 Assists and the Match MVP, before going onto other important games such as the 3-1 Victory vs Juventus Bucuresti as he grabbed a single assist.


LS - Ipswich

And the other half of the LWG Critical Striking Duo is LwG-Ipswich with 22 Games played Ipswich picks up 18 Goals, 3 Assists with 4 Match MVP’s overall giving him a Goal Participation of 0.954, his stand out matches come in the form of a 4-1 Victory vs PYRAMIDS as he scores 2 Goals, With a Hat-Trick and Match MVP coming in the 5-0 Win over CS Vulcan and a Single Goal in the 2-0 Victory over JustWatch FC.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench

GK - Bezahlt_Para - ALL4TheGame

RB - george292 - Juventus Bucuresti
RB - Weisko - LWG Critical
LB - Zenwinks - LWG Critical

CDM - KingDonM1c - ALL4TheGame
CAM - SAL - Juventus Bucuresti
CDM - Kalvin - ALL4TheGame
CDM - Misaj8 - JustWatch FC

RS - ArCeZ - ALL4TheGame
LS - Cristiano - Juventus Bucuresti


Image from Gyazo


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