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To honour special performances in the UK/IRL League, a TOTS has been made for Season 26. The players chosen will be based on their performances throughout the season. What a season it was with 5 teams being title contenders throughout the season. A huge congratulations to Vinculum for coming out on top as well as winning the FA Cup.


How is the TOTW determined



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GK - ollie

The shot-stopper from Vinculum FC kept 9 clean sheets in 14 appearances. Vinculum FC conceded the least amount of goals this season as well as last season with 14 goals conceded this season and 10 goals in season 25. The defense can rest easy knowing ollie is in between the sticks when needed. A well deserved member of this season's team of the season.



LB – fearwarrior1

Coming from FC Cadre fearwarrior1 consistently aided FC Cadre’s defensive wings this season picking up 7 defensive clean sheets in 15 matches played. The Scotsman always showed up in the critical moments and helped the build up of the deadliest attack last season.


CB - Beasleyyy

Beasleyyy has been solid as a rock in FC Cadre’s run this season. With 16 matches played, Beasleyyy picked up 9 defensive clean sheets and bagged a goal along the way. Beasleyy picked up a goal in the 4:0 thrashing of Satanic Gecko to add injury to insult. Any team would be lucky to have such a composed defensive threat guarding their half of the pitch.


CB – mcdaddyhull & Grotlok

Coming from Vinculum FC’s title winning season, the defensive duo of mcdaddyhull and Grotlok played a huge part in their achievements this season. Together they kept 9 defensive clean sheets in their 14 matches played. Individually the best; they hold the best defensive record of any player in season 26, and together they form the brick wall in Vinculum’s defense.


RB - Unicronic

Claiming a spot in the TOTS from newcomers Spectrum Unicronic led by example this season with 5 assists, 3 defensive clean sheets in 18 matches played. The overlapping fullback notably had a brace of assists in their 3:1 victory of Krusty Krab and a crucial assist in the 1:1 draw versus Crucial FC.



CDM - Wezz

Also coming from FC Cadre, Wezz left his mark on the pitch this season with 6 defensive clean sheets, an assist and 2 MVP winning performances. The defensive midfielder assisted the all important goal in the 1:1 draw versus Spectrum earning himself an MVP award in the process. The other MVP performance came from his stand out performance wreaking havoc in the midfield in their 2:1 victory over Ahlawy SC.


CM – Tobiias-7

FC Cadre’s Tobiias-7 has adapted from his goal scoring antics in the previous season where he notched 10 goals in 13 matches by establishing himself in the heart of the midfield this season. He earned his TOTS spot with 4 goals, 8 assists and 4 MVP performances this season. Commonly known as ZendayaPedri the passing driven midfielder achieved a hattrick of assists in the 4:0 beat down of Satanic Gecko along with a goal contributing to all 4 of FC Cadre’s goals. Another MVP performance came against league winners Vinculum FC where Tobiias-7 scored an assisted in their 3:0 win over the league champions.


CAM - Bionic

Another member from newcomers Spectrum in this TOTS, Bionic alongside his managerial counterpart Unicronic showed that Spectrum are here to stay and left their mark in the competition this season earning themselves a Europa League spot. In 18 matches played, Bionic notched 4 goals, 6 assists and 2 match MVP earning performances. Bionic’s stand out performance came against former league winners FC Cadre, where his goal and assist in their 4 goal thriller helped Spectrum grab 3 points and earnt Bionic an MVP award in the process.



RS - DominikCZZ

Another entry from FC Cadre, DominikCZZ has been lethal this season, tallying up 17 goals, 4 assists and earning 4 MVP awards in 17 matches played. Averaging a goal a game is no easy feat and consistency is key to earn your place in the TOTS. DominikCZZ grabbed himself a hattrick and the match ball in their cruising 4:0 victory over bench warmers and 2 goals and an assist against Inter Maarel in their season's biggest defeat.


RS – Muffin7

Muffin7 has led his team by example from the front this season in their title winning run notching 17 goals, 3 assists and 7 MVP awards in18 matches played. The saying that the best players don’t always make the best managers certainly doesn’t apply to Muffin7. Muffin7’s stand out performance came in their 4:2 win over Spectrum where he bagged himself a hattrick, as well as a pair of braces versus Crucial FC and Krusty Krab.


ST – OnlyClank

Newcomers Ahlawy must be glad to have had OnlyClank this season in their champions league spot claiming run. OnlyClank scored 14 goals, grabbed 8 assists and earnt 7 match MVP awards in his efforts where he played all over the place in Ahlawy SC’s attack this season. It is going to be difficult to replace OnlyClank as he put pen to paper for league competitors FC Cadre at the end of the season. OnlyClank notches a brace of goals and assists in Ahlawy SC’s 4:2 victory over Krusty Krab, a hattrick of assists versus Inter Maarel and a pair of braces against Bad Juju and Crucial FC. A difficult man to stop but an underrated passer going alongside his lethal goalscoring trait.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench

GK - TreesRH0803 - Inter Maarel


LB - Jomppa 4 - Spectrum


CDM - xXTamelessxX - Inter Maarel

LM - Gorri - Inter Maarel

LM - Big Tez - Vinculum FC

CM - Cooopar - Satanic Gecko

CAM - BarbarossKS - Inter Maarel


LS - PerksUK - Spectrum

LS - neoD4NNy - Inter Maarel

ST - FrazlDazzle - Crucial FC

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