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BayernHeynckes report and explanation about cheat in some fun cl

von sajjad23 | 04.09.2018 - 16:22 | Allgemein

hey ProLeague community,


i never knowing fard cheat in some fun clubs until 2.3 day ago L12-AmiiiR_MK told me that i banned on pro league for four weeks.


he also say he know this because doelpunten from legacy told him.


i report game..

ycornel from Elastico invite me for some fun clubs..in one game he told me in game left pls so i left.


1.after game fard or draxt or ycornel never told me fard use cheat in game


2.cheat always very important for me because i know they can hide it..but when can see all player in menu 99..it's clear cheat

i always check it in half time..and if every game i saw this i left game fast..but this game ycornel told me left so i tab-alt and never see this.


3.i don't knowing other team from germany.


4.i only play 2.3 time with fard when ycornel invite me so i dont know him too.


5.i know cheat is a very important issue for pro league..also for me too.

if i know when this happens then i report on pro league..but i never know when this happens that why i not report on pro league..when 2.3 day ago i knowing this i not report on PL because PL knowing this and i dont have team on pro league.


6.pro league should remove my ban because pro league punish me when i don't know what happened and i really innocent.


7.about manager Elastico:that he say why not question from BayernHeynckes

i'm here..PL can any question from me.



i don't talk about fard or draxt or ycornel...because i really don't know what happened.

but honestly if fard confess he use cheat in game..then it's cheat about him i think.


anyway i'm sorry that this happened..next time i always check it before start game


i hope next fifa no one cheat in pro clubs..obvious or hide!

good luck all

Antwort von Fredchen777 | 04.09.2018 - 18:37 | Allgemein

@sajjad23 Thank you for the statement, we will consider your appeal today, since you have differing circumstances when compared to Corny and Draxot (not being in Voice Communication, not having talked to Fard about cheating prior to the incident etc). We will keep you updated.

Antwort von Joko | 05.09.2018 - 11:22 | Allgemein

if the cheating guys had eggs, then they would admit that bayernheynckes did not know anything about the cheat. free bayernheynckes! head up buddy!

Antwort von Retired | 05.09.2018 - 13:42 | Allgemein

There was only one guy cheating and he (but also the two other germans who were consulted by the admins) said in his statement that he was the only one knowing about the cheat in advance. Since the non-german players were not even on Teamspeak with the german players, they didn't even know about the cheat afterward.


Free BayernHeynckes! I got this also on my back and as my alias :)

Antwort von Der_Baske | 05.09.2018 - 17:28 | Allgemein



Its very hard for the Admins to find the right solution mate. It's not 100% sure, that you haven't had any info's about the cheat even if it's right. I believe in that what you say, no doubt. 

In my opinion the best way would have been to talk to you and hear you're kind of view. 

It would have been clever to tell you, that you are not allowed to play any official Pro League Games until Fifa19. Whitout ban!

As far as i know, you are not registered in any PL Team

Only personal aggreement. 


No some will think you are a cheater too or you have connections to cheaters. But maybe you aren't, who knows expect you?!?

That's the point why i think there where better ways to solve the issue. 



Antwort von Fitzo | 09.09.2018 - 16:58 | Allgemein



we already told you that the ProLeague Admins will take care about your report.

Thanks for your patience.

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