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Hello and welcome to the ProLeague International post season review. In this article we will have a look at the performances of every team, some notable stats and we will put some individuals in the spotlight for their impressive performances this season. We will also compare the projected finishes according to the season preview with the final standings. With FIFA 21 being in early access, let’s make this the final goodbye to season 21 and FIFA 20!



Predicted finish: 1st
Final standings: 1st

The Dutch powerhouse did what was expected of them, in a similar fashion as their last season. Scoring 63 goals only conceding 2 in a total of 25 matches. REVIVAL as of now have been undefeated in their last 57 league games.

They will look along their road to the title with some notable wins. Including a 5-0 win vs Juventus Bucuresti and a 6-0 win at the cost of Ragnarök FC early on in the season.

The Dutchies dominated every stat, bar top scorer, in the league. REV-Madoorah, REV-Stefan and REV-Keukenrol acquiring the #2, #3 and #4 spots in the scorer charts. Both goalies, REV-Lani and REV-Eleven got most clean sheets in the league.
and the entire defense + defensive midfielders, REV-No1baker, REV-Olli, REV-PietHeyn, REV-Yuri and REV-Piggy, occupying the top 5 in clean sheets.

Their closest competitor was Juventus Bucuresti, which REVIVAL managed to keep at a safe 10-point distance at the end of the competition


 Juventus Bucuresti

Predicted finish: 8th
Final standings:2nd

Juventus Bucuresti was new to the ProLeague scene, but that didn't stop them in their tracks. The Romanians started off on the wrong foot with a 0-5 defeat to REVIVAL but they picked up very soon after. They got some good wins versus teams like Outlawz (4-2), Promising (3-0 and 1-5) and Legacy (5-1). The team mostly known for their Ultimate Team qualities showed they can become a team to be wary of in the pro clubs scene.

The Romanian side was struggling with consistency before they entered ProLeague. With some players leaving, and some new players coming in. Juventus quickly made a mark on the INT league ultimately ending in a solid 2nd place, keeping Ragnarök FC at a safe 8-point distance.

JUV-Cristiano will especially look back at a special season. The Romanian striker scored a total of 19 goals in just 17 games played making him the sole top scorer of the INT league. Partially due to the help of JUV-George292, who got a total of 8 assists. Ending as the #2 assister in the league.


  Ragnarök FC

Predicted finish: 3rd
Final standings: 3rd

After a change of management from last season, RAG-Dex84 was left with a difficult task.
The previously Irish side was a consistent factor in the INT league that took their time to grow and compete with the top teams.

It's been a turbulent season, with many transfers happening. But after a very slow start, I think longstanding team can look back happily on the season with some solid wins vs: Unshackled (5-0), Outlawz (0-2), Promising (1-0) and Juventus Bucuresti (0-1).

It appears the defense had been reorganized. After conceding 12 goals from the first 13 games of the season. They only conceded twice in the 2nd half. Very impressive stats.

Perhaps if Ragnarök FC can stabilize their first team squad and continue their current form. Maybe we are looking at new title contenders for the next FIFA?

On individual level it’s been a good season for RAG-Dex84, contributing in 11 goals (7G, 4A), RAG-Rikimaru360 keeping 7 clean sheets in 11 games and most of the defense. RAG-Bobby, RAG-Btrain and RAG-NathanOxley finishing below REVIVAL's defense in clean sheet stats.



Predicted finish: 12th
Final standings: 4th

The newly found French team is one of the many newcomers to the league. Despite many people not knowing much about them nor having any standout high profile players. The French side showed how important teamwork and tactics can be in the league.
Finishing at a solid 4th place in the league. With some good wins vs: Eclipse (3-0), Ragnarök FC (1-0) and Legacy (0-4) the new team can look back at a good season. Having an equal amount of points in both season halves, the team will be looking to keep the majority of their squad and perhaps strengthen the defense a little bit. They conceded 8 and 9 more goals than the teams above and below them in the table.



Predicted finish: 9th
Final standings: 5th

The new team mostly consisting of English/Romanian players will look back at an interesting first season in INT. After a bad start to the league (8G: LWWLLLDD) The new team picked up form ending up with a total of 49 points. Leaving them just 1 point behind Promising ending up in a respectable 5th place. The team will be thankful to their manager for some of the transfers made during the season. Including E21-Addict moving from Outlawz. With 6 goals and 3 assists in just 8 games, the experienced Englishman lead Eclipse to some solid victories vs teams like: Outlawz (0-3), Provocateurs (3-1) and Tsunami Poland (3-0).

Along with E21-Addict, E9-Babu has seen some individual success in the side he’s managing. After a cold start (5 games, 0 goals and 1 assist) the manager managed to pick up 2 goals and 6 assists in the following 8 games. Leaving him at a shared 3rd spot for assists in the league.



Predicted finish: 2nd
Final standings: 6th

The former INT league giant and two time champion, Legacy will look back upon a disappointing season. After SimpleX disbanded right before the league's start. Legacy saw their chance to return to the league.

With some disappointing losses vs: Outlawz (0-1), Provocateurs (3-0 and Devil eSport (4-2) early in the season. Things were looking rough for Legacy.
Things seem to turn around afterwards. Beating Promising (4-2), Tsunami Poland (3-0, Juventus Bucuresti (1-0) and Ragnarök FC (1-2). The team seemed to pick up form and fight for the top spots.
Unfortunately the good results got overshadowed quickly. Picking up multiple losses and draws. The team fighting against consistency ultimately ended up at a 6th place. Not a bad finish, but considering the stature of the club. Legacy will not be happy with their finish in season 21..



Predicted finish: 6th
Final standings: 7th

After their manager left for REVIVAL before the season’s start, oZ-Hoobrid was left with the task of leading the team into an European football. After an average first half of the season with 7 wins and 6 losses. The team showed resilience near the end of the season. Drawing 1-1 with champions REVIVAL and beating 2nd placed Juventus Bucuresti 1-0.
Unfortunately some of their results were reversed due to PLACT violations. Causing the team that planned to disband, to pull the plug early. Ultimately ending up in disappointing 8th place.

oZ-Gank and -Skadoosh- will look back at an individually solid season. Respectively ending on 8 and 9 scorer points in 11 games.



Predicted finish:4th
Final standings: 8th

The mostly Polish side known for their stability in past seasons  looked to acquire quality and diversity. Recruiting for non-Polish players in the pre-season. The experienced side pulled the plug early. Disbanding near the end of the first half of the season due to continuous bad results. The team ended up in 8th place.



Predicted finish: 13th
Final standings: 9th

Unshackled was one of the candidates predicted to relegate. Fortunately for them, with many teams dropping from the league, relegation was not a battle they had to fight this season. The longest standing team in INT hasn't had their best season. Conceding a total of 19 goals in their first 4 games. Unshackled were put in a rough spot, eliminating them from a potential Europa League spot early on in the season. Not everything went bad, with results vs Juventus Bucuresti (1-1) and Eclipse (1-0 win) the team showed they're capable of keeping up with the better teams in the league at some times. Unfortunately they didn't manage to peak enough. Ultimately ending up without a single game won in INT, excluding default wins and after PLACT punishments revoked their win vs Eclipse in the league.


 Devil eSport

Predicted finish:11th
Final standings: 10th

After winning ProLeague INT 2, the French side didn't have many players starting the league. After acquiring some of the better French players from Symphony, the team struggling to get numbers ultimately ended up disbanding early on in the season.


 Tsunami Poland

Predicted finish:14th
Final standings: 11th

The longstanding Polish side were predicted to relegate, but just like Unshackled. The same luck applied to Tsunami Poland. Teams dropped out of the league relieving them from the battle against relegation.

Their only wins of the season came against: Provocateurs (3-2) and Unshackled (0-1). Individually, the manager Zielu87_PL can look back at a very good season. Scoring 7 goals in 13 games, not bad for a side that ended up in 11th place.
Tsunami Poland had one of the biggest active squads this season, using a total of 19 different players. Perhaps if the team can build some more stability in their squad. They can work towards a better finish in the next season.


 Ragnarök MG

Ragnarök MG disbanded early in the season.



Vogue disbanded early in the season.



LEGION XI eSport disbanded early in the season.


Final league table:


Teams with no color given either did not qualify for any European leagues or are not eligible to qualify by ProLeague means.

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