TOTW: S23 | League INT 2 | Matchdays 23-26
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined 





GK - Planet_Doyle
As goalkeeper this TOTW we have Planet_Doyle from Mav3ricks eSports showing up in two games with two clean sheets.


CB - Fons1R / smc123
Also from Mav3ricks eSports we have Fons1R & smc123 sharing a double card this week! Both with impressive performances as they didn’t concede in both the games they played.


CB - Chameleon101 / brkztly
From Rebrand Project we got Chameleon101 & brkztly. They both played two games as a centre back pairing and provided a single clean sheet. 

LB - FertxuKaos
From Mav3ricks eSports we have FertxuKaos. Just like his teammates in this TOTW he got two clean sheets in two games.




CDM - nardy593
From LIONS UNITED we got nardy593. He also showed up with great performances, contributing to two clean sheets in three games and securing a match MVP.

CDM - Hyr00Z
Hyr00Z from oXmose has played three games and bagged two assists as well as one match MVP

RM - Andreismecheru
From VFC Dinamo we have Andreismecheru showing his eagle like vision, playing three games as a winger and proving good with three assists


RM - PaRiSiEn95
With another entry from oXmose we have PaRiSiEn95 also pulling out impressive performances from right midfield, contributing with two assists and one goal in two games. His team can be ecstatic with his performances.



RS - tesaradu / xTh3Luca
With six goals and two match MVP’s between these two players in the three games they played for VFC Dinamo, tesaradu & xTh3Luca are really combining their skills with performances from the top shelf.

LS - Bradiculture88
oXmose can be super ecstatic with how their players are performing. Another example is Bradiculture88. He played three games and scored three goals as well as assisted two more. This also provided him a match MVP. 

LS - Yocass
To round it off, it’s oXmose again showing their power in this league. Yocass, who is again showing off this week. In three games he managed to  score FOUR goals and assisted another one. Yocass has again rightfully claimed his spot in this TOTW!



Honorable mentions: The Bench



CB - Martinliot & NatHoon & weetax - ESC Fireball

LB/RB - GegePaso & RamuElChe - Tornado



LM - IlieVlad1999 - VFC Dinamo

CM - AM4NE1 - Mav3ricks eSports

CAM - Rollando31 - ICONS

CAM - GurkanPingu - Majestic VFC



RS - siloy23 - ICONS

ST - Pixixi80


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