TOTW: S24 | League INT 2 | Matchdays 19-24
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined







GK - Wkn13
Again in the TOTW is Wkn13 from JustWatch FC. Who yet again has been in top form with 4 Defensive Clean Sheets from 5 Matches Played.


RB - DumneGod25
From VFC Dinamo is DumneGod who has had some great form this week and his side have been benefiting from their players performances. With 1 Goal and 3 Defensive Clean Sheets from 5 Matches Played.

CB - Akman
And from JustWatch FC joining his team mate Wkn is Akman, who also has had similar great form for his side. Picking up an insane 4 Defensive Clean Sheets and 1 Assist from 5 Matches Played.

CB - JDMdead
Another player from VFC Dinamo is JDMdead joining his team mate DumneGod this team has themselves a strong squad this season and are looking set to grab a promotion place this time around. As he grabs 1 Goal, 1 Assist and 3 Defensive Clean Sheets from 5 Matches.

LB - ay7olon
JustWatchFC have another player in this TOTW, this week has been straight dominance for their team. Grabbing 4 Defensive Clean Sheets from 5 Matches Played.




CDM - Misaj8
Again from JustWatch FC is Misaj, and what else can I say other than it’s clear this team has it’s mind set on the Int 2 Title. Picking up 1 Assist and 4 Defensive Clean Sheets and 1 Match MVP from 5 Matches.

CAM - edwinscott
Another side fighting it out for the Title is Worker Bees and edwinscott has been a driving force for his side this entire season. Picking up 3 Goals and 6 Assists from 6 Matches.

CAM - Giuse
And joining edwinscott from Worker Bees is Giuse with similar great form. He picks up 2 Goals and 3 Assists from 3 Matches Played.



LS - Doelpunten
It seems like the attacking force this TOTW is from Worker Bees, with Doelpunten playing 3 Games as a Left Striker this week out of 5 Matches Played, he picked up 9 Scorerpoints this week with a grand total of 4 Goals and 6 Assists and a Single Match MVP.

RS - Darius-XII
Another player from Worker Bees is Darius, just like his strike partner Doelpunten he has been in great form. Slamming it out with EIGHT Goals and 2 Assists and 2 Match MVP’s from 6 Matches Played.

LS - snkedy-yt
And to round off the front 3 is snkedy from VFC Dinamo. Just like his team mates he has had some great performances he picks up 4 Goals and 6 Assists with a Single MVP from 5 Matches Played.



Honorable Mentions - The Bench


CB - cheekychunk - Ingravidos
LB - MihaiEN29 - VFC Dinamo

CDM - Xuavy - Ingravidos
RM - Sebiloo25 - VFC Dinamo
LM - JinEcologul - VFC Dinamo
RM - angelgz12 - Ingravidos
RM - tesaradu - VFC Dinamo

RS - Cristisud90 - VFC Dinamo
LS - ACL-sfm - JustWatch FC
RS - TheRewenardo - Ingravidos


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