TOTW: S27 | League INT2 | Matchday 1-4
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined



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GK - Trixtered

A shot stopping talent in the name of Trixtered has done well for his team Russo Turisto. Pulling out incredible performances as he claims 2 clean sheets from 3 Games played. Starting off with Matchday 2 as his team finish 5-1 in a loss to Orion Esports, as we push into Matchday 3 grabbing their first win and his First clean Sheet in a calm 1-0 Win vs French Touch FC. And his final Clean Sheet comes in the quiet 0-0 Draw vs VFC Dinamo.



RB - Leno

An exciting Right sided Full Back from VFC Dinamo is Leno who played part in all 4 of the Matchday games picking up 2 Defensive Clean Sheets. Which come in the games such as the 4-0 Drumming of The Separatists and the 0-0 Draw vs the Formidable Russo Turisto. He also starred in the 4-2 Win vs FC Cadre and 1-1 Draw vs ObstruXion.


CB - FernHub

We move onto the Romanian Fernhub who played all 4 Matchday Games for VFC Dinamo before moving onto getting a transfer to INT 1 Side ALL4TheGame. Picking up a Single Goal with 2 Defensive Clean Sheets helped his side in the 4-0 Win vs Separatists as he picked up a Goal and Defensive Clean Sheet as well as helping his team to gain a sound 0-0 Draw vs Russo Turisto.


CB - prestante & -90-pippo

We follow on at Russo Turisto as both prestante & -90-pippo follow in their team mate Trixtered’s footsteps with both of these power houses playing 3 Games with 2 Defensive Clean Sheets. And as such these defensive clean sheets are both in the same games as Trixtered starting with the 1-0 Win vs French Touch FC followed by the calm 0-0 draw vs VFC Dinamo.


LB - LordReni

We finish off this backline with LordReni from ORION Esports Club as he picks up 2 Goals and 1 Assist from 4 Matchdays. We start off with his side's Convincing 5-1 Victory over Russo Turisto as he claims that single assist. Following on to a well deserved and decisive 4-2 Win over Itarim Academy as he picked up 2 Goals. He also featured in the teams 2-1 Defeat to ObstruXion and his sides 9-4 Exciting match vs Anka FC.



CM - Tobiias-7

In midfield we start off with FC Cadre’s Skillful trickster Tobiias-7 otherwise known as ZendayaBabu, with 4 Matches played he picks up a Single Goal, with 3 Assists and 3 Match MVP’s. We start with the 5-0 Hammering Victory vs French Touch FC as he picks up a single assist, with another assist and the Match MVP being grabbed in FC Cadre’s unfortunately 4-2 Loss to VFC Dinamo. A 5-2 win vs Fangs is where he picks up a Goal, Assist and Match MVP.


CAM - joshuaaq

Moving onto Orion Esports Club we have joshuaaq picking up an incredible Single Goal with SIX Assists in 3 Games. We start with his side's 4-2 Victory over Itarim Academy as he picks up a Hat-trick of assists, with another Hat-trick of assists and a Single Goal in his team's 9-4 Victory over Anka FC. Also featured in his team's 5-1 Victory over Russo Turisto.


CAM - 3S-YSwart

From MUSK3TEERS VFC is 3S-YSwart otherwise now known as MSK-YSwart, grabbing a Single Goal with 4 Assists and a Single Match MVP from 4 Matches Played. He began the season grabbing the games only assist in the 1-1 Draw vs Fangs before grabbing another 2 assists in his team's slim 3-2 defeat to Ahlawy SC.



ST - felipebrecha

With this match weeks clear outstanding player we have felipebrecha from Orion Esports Club picking up an outstanding ELEVEN Goals and 2 Assists with 4 Match MVP’s from 4 Matches played. He began with getting his teams only Goal and the Match MVP in a 2-1 Defeat to ObstruXion, before going onto picking up a Hat-Trick and Match MVP in the 5-1 Victory over Russo Turisto before getting another 2 Goals and the Match MVP in a 4-2 Win vs Itarim Academy finishing off the Gameweek with 5 Goals and 2 Assists with the Match MVP in an incredible 9-4 Win over ANKA FC.


ST - Mordor_UK1

From Ahlawy SC we have Mordor_UK1 otherwise known as Mordy7x picking up NINE Goals with 2 Assists and 4 Match MVP’s he grabs a Hat-Trick with 2 Assists and Match MVP in a 5-2 Victory over ANKA FC, going onto a 3-2 Victory vs Ahlawy SC picking up a Hat-trick and Match MVP. Moving onto a close 2-1 Victory over Pacos De Ferreira scoring both Goals and picking up the Match MVP before finishing up the Match week with a 3-1 Loss to The Separatists picking up a single Goal and grabbing the Match MVP.


RS - Sebiloo25

The VFC Dinamo striker Sebiloo25 has been in good form after playing 4 Matches he picks up 4 Goals with 3 Assists and 3 Match MVP’s. Beginning with his teams 4-0 Win vs The Separatists with 1 Goal, 1 Assist and the Match MVP, before going onto winning 4-2 vs FC Cadre and grabbing 2 Goals, 2 Assists and Match MVP, in a quiet 1-1 Draw vs ObstruXion he grabs a Goal and the Match MVP.



Honorable Mentions - The Bench

GK - Negoita - VFC Dinamo

CB - SureDaRIuS - VFC Dinamo
LB - Andreeyi - VFC Dinamo

CDM - heyfryze - Russo Turisto
CDM - zGunZ0 - Russo Turisto
CM - Boubacar - Itarim Academy
CM - ABSR9 - Ahlawy SC
CM - OnlyClank - FC Cadre

RS - Wolfreec
RS - Halebatar - Itarim Academy
LS - AnthoDigi01 - Fangs

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