Review: S18 | League INT | Matchday #12
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We did it! We reached the last week of our PL INT Season. We as the admins want to thank everyone for participating in this league and we hope that you enjoyed it! We will most likely continue the Matchweek review next season so stay tuned! Also watch out for more articles coming soon! 



Revival are officially champions!

Revival were the unofficial champions already but with a 2:1 victory over Venom they officially made sure that Legacy can't catch up to them anymore. So far in their history in the PL INT Revival won 50 % of the seasons in which they took part. That is very impressive! If we look at the all time leaderboard then we can see that Revival are in 4th right behind Legacy and Unshackled. Revival showed an impressive team performance with their Striker Stefan winning the Top Scorer award, their CAM Keukenrolle scoring the most scorer points as a CAM, their wide midfielders finishing with the most scorer points compared to the other wide midfielders, their CDM Grecio finished with the most clean sheets and three of their defense ended the season in the top 3 in clean sheets as CB’s. Only their GK’s missed out on awards because they had to switch GK. We can expect Revival only to get better in the new Fifa, which means all the other teams have to put an extra effort in, in order to catch up to Revival. We are looking forward to the transfers in between the seasons! 

Panda scores the 1:0 versus Unshackled in their second to last game of the season! Venom lose out on CL spot

Venom did not manage to win their game versus Revival and lost the potential last CL spot in the last game of the season. After a disappointing 1:2 defeat versus Revival, Venom will need to work on growing a stronger team next season. Venom were in a slump towards the end of the season, we could blame the fact that the new Fifa is right around the corner and everyone is tired of the game but that would be too easy. Other teams had to face the same problems, Venom just did a poor job towards the end of the season. They will have to work hard to avoid the same thing happening again towards the end of next season! 


Provocateurs sneak in for 5th place!

After a strong ending to the season Provocateurs manage to sneak into 5th place and overtake both Fusion and Ragnarök. They did very well in beating Unshackled 0:4 away as well as Ukraine 9:1 at home. It will be interesting to see if Provocateurs benefited from the end of the season and fifa or if they actually are a force to be reckoned with next fifa! We will keep an eye on their first couple of games in the new fifa.  


  &    Stefan and Doelpunten miss out on Record...

Doelpunten and Stefan both finished the season very strong with 17 scorer points (SP for future reference)  out of 8 games for Doelpunten and 18 SP out of 7 games for Stefan. Stefan managed to win the top scorer award but Doelpunten came a lot closer than some people suspected a month ago. Stefan finished with 35 SP while Doelpunten finished with 32 SP. In the all time leaderboard this puts them in 2nd and 3rd. Stefan is missing 1 SP to tie Fish from En Masse who is currently still in 1st place. Doelpunten on the other hand is only missing 1 SP to catch up with Stefan. We will see how this develops in the new season and who can break the record first! Keep an eye on this exciting battle via the streams posted on the PL INT discord!

Doelpunten celebrates as he scores the 1:1 versus Fusion with a header!


  &  Keukenrolle and Red Shaman tied for 1st!

We have another exciting battle for the all time lead in the section “Most dangerous midfielder”. Red Shaman received this title a while back and held on to it with ease for the last season or two. It took a while for someone to challenge him for this title but with Keukenrolle we found the perfect guy for the challenge. With 89 (!) games less Keukenrolle tied Red Shamans record. We sadly couldn’t find a leader in this category this season but we are looking forward to this battle continuing next season. With Keukenrolles track record it should be a short battle but never underestimate the PL INT Veteran Red Shaman. We will also keep a close eye on this battle.  



Thank you for following us through the Season! The new season will start mid October (more news to follow). The reviews will obviously continue once the season starts again!


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Great job! Looking forward to the next season. Congrats Revival, was never in doubt really ;)
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Great work again
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Good job, Lennyyy! Very nice news.... :P I hope u continue ur works on Matchday Rev on League INT!
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